Hello and welcome

I am Katarina Marjanski and this is a place focused on my calling to a Ministry. Sharing the Word of God and building a life according to His purpose. Using everything to guide people to His kingdom.

From the day Jesus saved me I became so excited to talk with people about Him.
I carry my new testament and I would use every chance to mention it, everywhere and with everyone.

I served a world over a decade.
I was a totally different person.
Jesus Christ transformed my life.
I am a living testimony of it.

Now is my time to serve God.

Not so long time ago, life took me to the Middle East where I lived and learned a lot about religion of Islam.  I fell in love with Muslim culture and way of life.

There is so many good Muslims that have never read Bible and they were never able to hear about their Savior – Jesus Christ…
And even if some of them heard, they didn’t believe it, because they are taught totally different things.

I am here to break the walls, I am here to help you all.

One day I will be gone, the world keep turning… I hope I leave this place better than I found it.

I pray that my writings touch hearts of milions of people and become a blessing.

Let our love be genuine… like Christ is.



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