The reality of life is that we are always surrounded by opposition from our enemy – the devil. We know this because the Bible presents the conflict between God and satan. Light and darkness. And in the middle of this cosmic conflict is YOU AND ME. 

There is therefore a call for every believer to be viligent, alert and not ignorant of this invisible battle.

One day a big army of Syria, with horses and chariots, surrounded the city dwelt by Israelities. By the grace of God there was a prophet known as Elisha, who was always viligent. He knew everything that was happening in the spiritual world. When one servant of Elisha went down and saw that army surrounding the city with horses and chariots, he became terrified. 

Often we look at the situations in our life same as this servant. We become afraid of what is going to come. We forget that we have the Lord on our side. What this servant couldn’t see is the great army of the Lord prepared for their defense. Then Elisha prayed to God to open the eyes of this servant, so he could see those who were on their side. And his spiritual eyes were opened, he was amazed to see the great army of the Lord protecting them from the attact of the Syrian army. 

2 Kings 6:17 And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, Lord, so that he may see.” Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

All this happened through Elisha prayer and this shows the power of prayer in our life. Maybe the situation that you are in currently looks like there is no way out. But you have God whose ways are above your ways. 

In the time of prophet Elisha, everything seemed like against them. But on the spiritual side – God was with them, and Elisha knew this. The same experiences are happening to us. If we see what Elisha saw, we would walk in life with no fear, no worries, no anxiety, because we know in whom we have believed. 

God is with you. God is for you. God is on your side.

Pray and don’t quit when it get’s hard. Pray and keep going, even when it gets cold. Keep believing that God is your omnipotent provider. You can’t avoid the battle of life, but you can pray and win it. Pray when others stop and fall asleep. Pray knowing that your tears are gonna end and suddenly a beautiful morning will come.

Do not believe to your fears. Your Father in heaven loves you so much. Pray expecting a blessing, because you believed.

Luke 7:50 Jesus said to the woman : ‘Your faith has saved you; Go in peace.’


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