All the thing of being afraid is finished when Holy Ghost covers you. The enemy constantly try to create a doubt, confusion, to shut you down… But when Holy Ghost comes on you, a boldness comes out and you are willing to lose your life for the Gospel.

Being born again is like unlock of your potentional. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks anymore, it’s over. If they put you somewhere in the court, where you have to answer about your faith in Jesus, you are gonna give them the Good News of Salvation. It doesn’t matter what people think anymore, you just LOVE JESUS.

This is not about preaching to people, this is about sharing the love of God with them. Being fully submerged to God, becoming a witness to His glory. Just pray for gifts – words of knowledge, wisdom, dreams, miracles…

God is our defender. Jesus wants you to be transformed. Lies don’t exist in your vocabulary anymore, because satan is a father of lies. And we met our real Father, when sudden truth came – Spirit of Truth. God gave us the weapon to disarm the enemy. The enemy wants to make us afraid to share our faith, but we are here to destroy the works of the devil. John 3:8

Share your testimony with everyone, because what happened to you is real.

Jesus said- Everyone who believes in Me have eternal life. Not by works, but by faith.

And your works will be the confirmation of faith. Good tree produces good fruit. Matthew 7:17

Grow your faith and live by it.



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