Islamic school from the young age teach children in madrasa that we Christians worship Jesus as human being and that we believe that Mary is part of a Trinity.

So, from an early age it’s placed in their minds that we have 3 gods. Which is TOTALLY WRONG.

Islamic scholars, as well, teach serious differences and twisted Scriptures, which can only make a Muslim child, or even an adult to look at Christians as infidels.

That’s actually their main goal and that’s the basic knowledge for the majority of Muslims in any of their countries.

They do everything to keep them away from the truth.

We have to take the courage and reach out to this people.


First, I encourage only Christian ladies to go to the Muslim ladies. One of the things they love is cooking food.

Spend the day with her. Get to know them. Don’t be afraid. They are human like me and you.

Especially if they are from Iraq or Syria, they have their own Muslims families suffering in their countries. Not just Christians are suffering. There is Shia killing Sunni and Sunni killing Shia.

People are victims of the entire thing. Believe me they need help and someone to talk to.

Please don’t be afraid to reach out to them and always remember they are humans like us. Hear their hearts that are talking to you.

Pay attention for their words. Pray for them and pray In Jesus name.

That is the name that is given to us to pray to and receive whatever we ask for. God is a God of miracles. You will see it in your own life.

Once you are connected with that individual, she will be willing to discuss any topic and she will trust you.

And also, I want you to pray for all Muslim countries. Pray for every country by name.  Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Saudia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Somalia, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Pakistan, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia, etc…

You can use it in positive way. Read about this coutries, see what’s happening there.

And when you ask someone where are you from? And they answer “I am from Syria”, tell them – I have been praying for your people. And your country.

That sentence will open an amazing door.  Because now they know your heart, that you care about them. Once they know about that, you can discuss difficult topics and they will not be offended and there will be no problems.

From the beginning be straight and clear: “I am a Christian and I want to tell you about Jesus. Would you like that?”

Because if you wait and do it later – it will be so hard and you will become afraid of losing that friendship, and afraid to talk about Jesus.

Our mission and our desire is to see them in Heaven. Not to win arguments.

Yes, I do believe that the Bible tells us to be ready to give an answer, but there will be a moment that arguments are going nowhere, because Muslims start to oppose everything we say.

This is by our own flesh, that we try to prove we are right.

Don’t try to rely on your own. Pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to lead you in that conversation, so your Ministry can be blessed and produce fruit.

If they give you an answer that you couldn’t answer, that’s amazing opportunity for the second meeting.

Don’t feel bad about it. By time we are gonna learn more and more stuff.

Reach out to me, I will help you how to answer this objections.

If you ask me should you use Quran in witnessing,  I would say use it only to show the main points about who Jesus really is.

And after that I would show how Quran is contradicting himself, about our Messiah.
Is He just a prophet? Or a Word of God who is gonna come back and Judge the world?

But don’t give the Quran the honor to be the evidence for Christ.

Take them to the Bible – The Holy Word of God  and show them why Jesus is the Messiah, what does that mean, why He is sinless, why exactly He is gonna come back, and many other important things.

And believe me, all about ‘difficult’ questions is just for studying the Bible and answers will be revealed to you.

Who knocks, God opens the door for him and It’s really an amazing journey. I enjoy so much and the love of Christ is pouring into my heart. Every day more, for all this people who desperately seek Him.

I will tell you one interesting story. 🙂

One man is standing in front of Mosque every friday, already for more than 3 years. He print pages of the Bible, he stamps his e-mail or website and he gives this paper to everyone who comes out of the Mosque. When he skip one week, they miss him and ask where are you, are you okay? 🙂

If he can do THAT, we can do any type of evangelism. Muslims are very friendly people. You will experience that.

Also, you can search on google about Islamic festivals or holidays. There will be thousands of Muslims, in one street. That is an amazing opportunity, and believe me, I heard many of them show interest for following Christ.   They even ask how they can become a Christian.

You will be working one full time job for God. There is nothing better in this life.

Jesus promised we are not alone. “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 ♥



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