Allah told Muhammad in the Quran to say that he can not harm anyone or benefit them. Surah 72 verse 21,22.

Surah 26: 214 Allah told him to warn his relatives and his family. He brought all of them, and his daughter Fatima. Every Muslim knows how much he loved her, more than anyone else. And he told her: “I can not help you.”

Sahih Bukhari volume 8 Hadith 4,7 – It mentions Muhammad’s prayer, reporting exactly what he said, in details admitting all the sins he has committed, all the mistakes that he has done in his life.

Things that he has done intentionally or out of ignorance. He prayed in details, showing that he beg Allah for forgiveness.

Sahih Bukhari volume 8 Hadith 319 He used to pray 70 times a day for forgiveness of sins.

He asked others to pray for him and even Muslims today still pray for him.

Did Muhammad guaranteed to be in Heaven after all?

One day Muhammad went to mumorial service and some lady  who took care of this old man who died said: “I am a witness that Allah has honor this person.” And Muhammad right away told her: “I am the apostle of Allah,and yet I don’t know what Allah will do to me. How can you say Allah has honor this man?”

Muslims usually bring verses about Allah forgiving his sins, but the problem is – Allah change his mind all the time. He promised Abu Bakr to be in Heaven, and he still could not trust that.

“Although he had such a faith, which was too great to suffice all the inhabitants of the earth, he was afraid that his heart might go astray. So, he used to utter, while weeping: ‘Would that I have been a bitten tree!’ Whenever he was reminded of his position in Allah’s sight, he would say: ‘By Allah! I would not rest assured and feel safe from the deception of Allah (la amanu limakr Allah), even if I had one foot in paradise.’” (Khalid Muhammad Khalid, Successors of the Messenger, translated by Muhammad Mahdi al-Sharif [Dar al-Kotob al-Ilmiyah, Beirut Lebanon, 2005], Book One: Abu Bakr Has Come, p. 99; bold and italic emphasis ours)

There are verses that are saying that Allah can disguide people. How can Allah send astray? How that is possible?

If Allah is God, his main purpose will be to guide everyone.

Why would Allah deceive people and wait for 600 years to send Muhammad and say that was a deception and Jesus actually was not crucified?

How you can deny the fact that history has a proof that Jesus died on the cross and raised from the dead?

Muslims imams don’t have the answers. Islam does not have the answers.

Then you start reading and find the answers in the Bible.

Muhammad said so many times – I don’t know what Allah will do to me. He has no assurance for himself or others.

Muslims need Christ.

They claim they have a perfect book, but all around the world we hear the news that everyday people get killed in the name of Allah. Quran is not perfect.

They need a perfect Savior. His name is Jesus.



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