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Qur’an & Science In Depth | Deep study about investigating the truthful of facts or claims
Author: Christian Prince Publisher: Qur'an And Science Published: 23 May, 2021 ISBN: 1943375011 Pages: 343 Language: English Buy

Quran is the “Word of Allah” as revealed to His Last messenger Muhammad, is what Muslims work hard to prove to us, however Muslims use science now-days in order to convert as many as they can to Islam, but how truthful such a claim is? can Muslims backup their science or its nothing but a falsification, can the Qur’an be a book of science or Muslims make passages of the Quran by manipulating verses superficially to resemble the science, this book is going to take you step by step over what is called (The Qur’an & Modern Science) with in depth examination to find out if its Compatible or Incompatible?
And while we are doing so; we will go through a lot of stories in the Qur’an or the Muhammad words(hadith) and we will find an answer for each scientific claim.
Let us find out together and you be the judge!

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