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From Isa to Christ: A Muslim Woman’s Search for the Hand of God
Author: Mona Sabah Publisher: ‎ Gethsemane Press Published: 07 Feb, 2017 ISBN: 0998637807 Pages: 164 Language: English Buy

What happens when you give up everything to pursue Christ? This is a fascinating true story of a Muslim woman who moved to the United States from Pakistan, lived in a Muslim community in California and then shocked everyone by thwarting the tradition of arranged marriage by marrying an American. She was disowned for that action, but then was reconciled with her family when she agreed to have a Muslim and a Christian wedding ceremony. After the events of 9/11, she decided to delve deeper into her faith by reading the Quran and praying to Allah. When she encountered the chapter on Jesus (Isa in the Surah Maryam), she couldn’t figure out why this prophet was so different. She then prayed to God to give her the truth and show her the way. He pointed to One: Jesus Christ. This book addresses her journey and stresses the importance of sharing the Good News of Christ. Mona lived in the United States for 25 years without an authentic witness to the pure Gospel. She shares how the Hand of God reached out and closed the gap between the East and the West.

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